DSMED Données Structurées Médicales

DSMed® is an innovative software designed to assist physicians in the medical care of Patients for all pathologies.
DSMed® the GPS to aid in support of patients based on decision-making tree and medical algorithms validated by high health authorities.

DSMed® Services & Solutions

Medical specialists

Today, practitioners are confronted with a multitude of medical recommendations, all knowing them becomes a real challenge and does not allow them to carry custom, fast and accurate patient diagnosis
DSMed® responds to this observation by proposing an ergonomic and intuitive application allowing medical practitioners users to be guided during the diagnosis patients to take medical decision

Pharmaceutical laboratories

To overpass prescription's limit of a new drug binded to his insufficient knowledge by the prescriber
Avoid misuse of a drug that could discredit him

Electronic Medical Record Editors

Applications DSMed® integrated EMR allow users to enter patient data and benefit help in the diagnosis. These forms interact with other parts of the EMR for the realization of accounts and the realization of statistics anonymized scaling of a patient, an establishment, a territory (national, international)


Doctors teachers with pedagogical tools by virtual simulations, exams preparation case (Medicine Universities)

Technological health industry

DSMed® allows to interface the applications and forms with medical devices like Imaging (ultrasound, scanner, MRI...).
A file format is designed to recieve data from devices (DICOM, HL7, ...)
These data may be integrated into applications or DSMed® forms to assist implementation and interpretation of these examinations.

DSMed® Solutions

DSMed® diabetes Type II
DSMed® AOD FA (direct oral Anticoagulants)
DSMed® Thrombosis SCA (Antithrombotic Acute Coronary Syndrome)
DSMed® Stress Test
DSMed® Stable Angor
DSMed® Echocardiography
DSMed® Designer: Application generator that comes with medical Experts to structure medical data
DSMed® Apps: Executor of applications that guide medical practitioners users during the consultation of Patients to medical prescription
No need to go through a company or a developer
Original decision trees
Multiple and complex algorithms
Opportunities to go directly to the documentary sources on the net (the correct page and the correct line) and download (they will be available without an internet connection)
Multiple aids that may accompany each component of decision tree
Additionnal plug-in applications of specific complementary software
Creating applications or multilingual forms with the designer, from one language to another in the same application or the same form.

Principle of building applications for the medical support assistance

DSMed® for all health care professionals


Sophia Business Angel

23 Juin 2016

Présentation de la société DSMed et des solutions proposées pour l'aide au diagnostic et la prise en charge médicale


DSMed présent au Forum Cybermed Stand 12

17/09/16 au 18/09/16 à Antibes

Atelier : Comment l’application DSMed améliore le diagnostic, la prise en charge des patients et agit comme un GPS pour les praticiens.

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10ème conférence mondiale de la société internationale de gerontechnologie (ISG)

28/09/16 au 30/09/16 à Nice

DSMed présente les outils de diagnostics pour les cas de simulations des patients. Journées grand public Innovation Alzheimer

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DSMed Données Structurées Médicales

We are a computer company dedicated to development of medical applications and associated services (Audit, Accompanying, Implementation, training, Maintenance, support). We work hand in hand with all health professionals (specialists, learned societies, pharmaceutical companies, health authorities) for patient has the best care and better availability of practitioner.
DSMED, it is also a startup spirit and a desire to provide an ergonomic and intuitive application so that medical users to be guided during the diagnosis to medical decision-making of patients.

Guilhem JUERS


Marketing & Business strategic development director

Jean-François CAILLOUX


Director of the operations and the organization



Technical Director
New technologies Expert

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